八年級英語下冊Unit 7 International charities課件練習及素材(共28套牛津版)

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八年級英語下冊Unit 7 International charities課件練習及素材(共28套牛津版)

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Unit 7 International charities
Period 3 Reading II
1.How many basic  ________(技能) should we learn before we leave the primary school?
2.The ________(醫療的) level in the city is better than that in the countryside.
3.The doctor decided to ________(做手術) at once.
4.In the area, many _______(病人) can't go to hospital because they don't have enough money.
5.There were four________(病例) of this disease in the school last month.
1.Could you teach me ________(ride) a bike?
2.In our class, NBA fans are ________(most) boys. Not many girls show an interest in basketball.
3.It's a pity that Linda seems ________(able) to understand me.
4.Canada is a ________ country, and India is a ________ one.(develop)
5.Now Mum feels much better after taking the ________(medical).
6.I wonder if most writers will reply to their ________(read) letters.
7.I  hope that more and more children can afford  ________(go) to school.
8.Many trees ________(plant) in our school every year.
9.It's said that taking this kind of pills can prevent the ________(ill).
10.Alice ________(give) some advice on how to improve her listening skills.
Amy is __________________ the work that ORBIS doctors do. She ____________________ with one of the doctors.
2.能幫助他人重見光明並改善他們的生活, 我(很)驕傲。
I __________________ help others see again and improve their lives.
Some people can't _______________ because they don't have money for  _______________.
You can learn more about the news  __________________.
I __________________ charity.
 (  )1.The city of Harbin is beautiful all year round, ________ in winter. I think it is a good place to spend the winter holidays.
A.probably       B.mostly       C.especially      D.generally
(  )2.The computer can be used ________ a tool and people can use it ________ many things.
A.as; to doing     B.for; to do      C.as; to do      D.for; to doing
(  )3.2018?黃岡—Must I finish reading the book today, Mr Brown?
—No, you ________. You can finish it in two days.
A. needn't         B. mustn't            C.can't           D. couldn't
(  )4.—How much did you ________ all these things, Andy?
—I only ________ 300 yuan! Shopping online can save a lot of money.
A.pay; cost        B. pay for; spent       C.spend; paid      D. cost; paid for  
(  )5.People in the village are proud________ a member of the village.
A.of being         B.for                C.to be           D.both A and C
(  )6.2018?東營—It is said that children in South Korea have to hike and walk through mountains at night ________ their military(軍事的) training.
—Really? So their training is much harder than ours.
A. after            B. since             C.during          D. before
(  )7.2018?揚州—What are you watching?
—The Story of China. This part ________ at China Block Printing Museum of Yangzhou in 2014.
A.filmed          B. was filmed        C.has filmed         D. is filmed
(  )8.—________ did you tell Linda the good news?
—________ sending an email.
A.How; With       B. What; By        C.How; By         D. What; With
(  )9.2018?資陽Tea, the most popular drink in the world, ________ by accident in China.
A. discovered         B. is discovered      C.will be discovered  D. was discovered
(  )10.2018?黃岡—Did Qingdao show ________ to the world during the SCO Summit(上海合作組織峰會)?
—Sure! Her beauty, high technology and rapid development.
A.something special                    B. anything special    
C.special something                    D. special anything
A very rich man Peter lost his sight. The    __1__   told him that only by doing a cornea(角膜) transplant operation could he bring his sight back. Peter    __2__    a lot of money for the cornea, but time passed day after day,    __3__     came for that. It was all because he was too proud of his “wealth”, and had done many dishonest things.
One day, he took a walk in the park. He raised his head to   __4__    the long-awaited sunshine. However, he saw nothing but darkness.
Just as Peter started feeling   __5__, someone suddenly ran into him. “Don't you have eyes? Don't you see who you hit! I'm millionaire Peter!” Peter said    __6__.
The answer was from a little boy, “I'm    __7__, sir. I didn't notice. Please forgive(原諒) me!”
Suddenly Peter changed his mind and said, “I can forgive you, but you must    __8__   me!”
The boy said yes repeatedly and Peter nodded with satisfaction and asked, “Is the   __9__   big today?” The boy answered merrily, “Yes, it is pretty fine today, big and bright!”
Peter smiled. He thought he could feel the sun again. He asked, “Is the park beautiful?”
“Yes, very! The grass is green and the flowers are pretty. The little __10__ are so lovely when the birds sing in them.”
__11__    he was listening, Peter began to envy(嫉妒) that boy.
Suddenly, he   __12__, “God! How I envy this boy! It's unfair! Why not give me good   __13__?”
“You are wrong!” a woman said to Peter. “My son is   __14__    just like you. He could only tell you so much because that's all I told him!” Tears suddenly   __15__   Peter's eyes.
Since then, the city charity has got a lot of money every year. It is from a man named Peter.
(  )1.A.teacher         B.doctor         C.policeman         D.driver
(  )2.A.wasted         B.paid           C.offered           D.gave
(  )3.A.nobody         B.everybody      C.somebody        D.anybody
(  )4.A.enjoy           B.find              C.face             D.watch
(  )5.A.nervous         B.bored         C.tired             D.sad
(  )6.A.softly           B.coldly         C.proudly          D.angrily
(  )7.A.surprised        B.afraid          C.sorry            D.puzzled
(  )8.A.look after        B.chat with       C.wait for          D.write to
(  )9.A.wind            B.sun           C.cloud            D.moon
(  )10.A.kites               B.rivers         C.stones               D.trees
(  )11.A.As              B.Because        C.Although        D.Unless
(  )12.A.understood       B.cried           C.asked         D.smiled
(  )13.A.hearing         B.feelings          C.sight           D.tastes
(  )14.A.deaf             B.rich              C.blind             D.normal
(  )15.A.filled              B.covered          C.touched          D.entered


Ⅰ.1.skills 2.medical 3.operate
4.patients 5.cases
Ⅱ.1.to ride 2.mostly 3.unable
4.developed; developing 5.medicine
6.readers' 7.to go 8.are planted
9.illness 10.was given
Ⅲ.1.interested in; had an interview
2.am proud to
3.go to hospital; medical treatment
4.by reading today's newspaper
5.hope more people will support
2.C 句意:計算機被當作工具來用,人們能夠用它來做許多事情。be used as意為“被用作……”;use sth to do sth意為“用……來做……”,故選C。
3. A 
4. B pay sb意為“付款給某人”;pay for sth意為“付款買某物”;cost的主語為物,常用句型為“sth+cost+sb+錢”,意為“某物花費某人多少錢”;spend的主語為人,常用於句型“sb+spend+時間/金錢+on/(in) doing sth”,意為“某人花費多少時間金錢在(做)某事上”。根據句意可知選B。    
5.D 6.C
7.B 考查動詞的語態。句意:“你正在看什麼?”“《中國故事》。這部分於2014年在揚州中國印刷博物館拍攝。”主語this part與謂語film之間為被動關係,時間狀語in 2014,表示過去。所以應用一般過去時的被動語態。其基本結構為:was/were+及物動詞的過去分詞。故選B。
8. C 
9. D 考查動詞的語態。句意:世界上最受歡迎的飲料——茶,是在中國被偶然發現的。主語Tea與動詞discover存在被動關係,應用被動語態,排除A項;且根據常識可知,茶已經存在多年了,是在許多年前被發現的,應用一般過去時的被動語態。故選D。
10. B 考查不定代詞的用法。something用於肯定句或表示請求的疑問句中,anything用於疑問句或否定句中;且修飾不定代詞的詞要位於不定代詞之後。由句意可知選B。
Ⅴ.【主旨大意】 本文是一篇記敘文。雙目失明的百萬富翁彼得渴望能通過眼角膜移植手術重見光明,然而,因為以前做過許多不誠實的事,所以沒有人願意將眼角膜捐贈給他,這讓他很苦惱。一天,他在公園裏散步時,有個小男孩不小心碰到他,他讓小男孩告訴他大自然的一些情景。小男孩一一作答,他十分嫉妒小男孩能夠擁有健康的眼睛,小男孩的母親告訴彼得真相。彼得幡然悔悟,決定每年都捐贈大批款項給慈善機構。
1.B 考查名詞詞義辨析。句意:醫生告訴他,隻有做眼角膜移植手術,他才能恢複視力。根據上文中的“lost his sight”可知,隻有“醫生”可以告訴他疾病的治療方法,故選B。
2.C 考查動詞詞義辨析。句意:彼得(主動要求)提供一大筆錢來尋求眼角膜……offer意為“提供”,符合語境。故選C。
3.A 考查代詞詞義辨析。句意:……但是很長時間過去了,沒有人來捐贈眼角膜。由上文中的連詞but以及下文“It was all because he was too proud of his ‘wealth’, and had done many dishonest things.”可知,沒有人願意幫助他。nobody意為“沒有人”。故選A。
4.A 考查動詞詞義辨析。句意:他抬起頭來享受這久違的陽光。enjoy意為“享受”,符合句意。故選A。
5.D 考查形容詞詞義辨析。句意:正當彼得開始感到傷心時,有人突然碰撞了他。由上文“he saw nothing but darkness”可知,他的心情應該很痛苦、失落。sad意為“傷心的;難過的”,符合句意。故選D。
6.D 考查副詞詞義辨析。結合語境以及他說的話可知,他此時非常生氣。angrily意為“生氣地;惱怒地”,符合語境。故選D。
7.C 考查形容詞詞義辨析。由後文的“I didn't notice. Please forgive me!”可知,小男孩為自己不小心撞到彼得而道歉。sorry意為“對不起的”,符合語境。故選C。
8.B 考查動詞短語辨析。句意:我可以原諒你,但是你必須和我聊天。由下文彼得和小男孩問答有關陽光和公園的情況可知,彼得想讓小男孩告訴他周圍的情況。chat with sb 意為“和某人聊天”。故選B。
9.B 考查名詞詞義辨析。由下文小男孩的描述“big and bright”以及彼得的感受“He thought he could feel the sun again.”可知,他們談論的是太陽。故選B。
10.D 考查名詞詞義辨析。句意:當鳥兒在樹上唱歌的時候,小樹是如此可愛。由下文中的“when the birds sing in them”可知,鳥兒應該是站在樹上唱歌。故選D。
11.A 考查連詞詞義辨析。句意:當彼得正在聽的時候,他開始嫉妒那個男孩。as意為“當……時候”,表示兩個動作同時發生;because意為“因為”;although意為“盡管”;unless意為“除非”,表示條件。由句意可知選A。
12.B 考查動詞詞義辨析。句意:突然,他大喊道:“上帝啊!我多麼嫉妒這個男孩啊!”根據語境判斷此時彼得內心應該是非常激動。cry意為“大喊”,符合語境。故選B。
13.C 考查名詞詞義辨析。由上文語境可知,彼得是個盲人,對於小男孩對美好世界的描述,他非常嫉妒,故他渴望能看見光明。sight意為“視力”,符合語境。故選C。
14.C 考查形容詞詞義辨析。句意:我的兒子和你一樣,也是個盲人。由下文“He could only tell you so much because that's all I told him!”可知,小男孩也看不見周圍的一切。blind意為“失明的”,符合語境。故選C。
15.A 考查動詞詞義辨析。句意:彼得的眼裏突然噙滿了淚水。fill意為“充滿”,符合語境。故選A。

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