八年級英語下冊Unit 8 A green world課件練習(共28套牛津版)

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八年級英語下冊Unit 8 A green world課件練習(共28套牛津版)

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Unit 8 A green world
Period 2 Reading I
1.Hard work often  ________(產生) good results.
2.Your time is ________(限製), so don't waste it.
3.It's wrong to leave ________(塑料) bags in the fields. It will be harmful to the fields.
4.The students ________(懲罰) if they break the school rules.
5.The bottom of the sea is rich in oil ________(資源).
1.Can you find out the ________(different) between the two bags?
2.My dream hometown is an amazing place without any ________(pollute).
3.Do you know the UN is an international ________(organize), not a country.
4.We should spend our pocket money ________(wise).
5.The government has made laws ________(protect) the children.
6.2018?常德Teenagers should________(allow) to choose their own clothes.
7. Why not do our best ________(keep) our classroom clean?
8.Please try ________(not make) any noise. My baby is sleeping.
lucky, separate…into, sell out, depend on, fine, be used up,
all over the country, cut down, set up, do with
1.You can't always __________________ your parents.   You have grown up.
2.The movie is very wonderful. I think its tickets __________________ already.
3.Snow is falling __________________. No wonder it is so cold.
4.Can you __________________ the students __________________ two groups?
5.The gas in the car will __________________ soon after a long journey.
6.__________________, he is chosen as a member of the school team.
7.You will __________________ if you are found breaking the traffic rules.
8.In order to protect the environment, we shouldn't __________________ trees.
9.A new publishing house __________________ next month.
10.Jim doesn't know what __________________ the food that's left over.
Switzerland is a beautiful country__________________.
I hope more events like this__________________ raise money for charities.
Tom __________________ by the police because he ________________.
These books will ________________ different groups before they  ________________.
Remember that everyone can do something __________________!
(  )1.________ students plan to go to Dalian for their summer holidays, ________ to Qingdao, and ________ decide to fly to Canada.
A.Some; some; another          B.Some; others; another
C.Some; some; others            D.Some; another; others
(  )2.2018?鹽城President Xi said that people in the world should build a community ________ a shared future.
A. to           B. at           C.with           D. from
(  )3.2018?益陽If you are over 18 years old, you ________ to drive a car in our country.
A. can allow                    B. can't allow       
C.can be allowed                 D. be allowed
(  )4.2018?鹽城These new types of energy cost very little and will never ________.
A. look out                     B. come out     
C.run out                       D. stay out
(  )5.2018?東營—What a mess! The sharing bikes are thrown everywhere.
—Let's collect and put them in the right place ________ they can be used conveniently.
A. unless        B. so that        C.because       D. so long as
Cars make our lives more convenient. But they can also be a problem. For example, fossil fuel(化石燃料) cars mainly cause air pollution.
To improve the environment, many countries are developing electric vehicles(EVs)(電動車). Among them, China is taking a leading role and has created the world's largest EV market.
Last year, over 40 per cent of the 753,000 EVs sold in the world were sold in China, more than twice as many as the number sold in the United States.
“Filling up a fossil fuel car with gas(汽油) is more expensive than charging(充電) an electric car,” said Wu Hao, who bought an electric car this year.
However, there are still some problems. It can be hard to find charging piles(充電樁) and the cars can't go far before needing to be recharged.
Some of these problems are being solved. In 2014, China had 31,000 charging piles. Now China has the world's largest EV charging network, with more than 167,000 charging piles in total.
Developing EVs is one of many efforts that China has made to cut down pressure on its environment after the government promised to stop increases in carbon dioxide emissions(二氧化碳排放量) by 2030.
“As China goes, so will the world's car industry,” the Wall Street Journal said. China has taken a leading role in the world's electric vehicle industry.
(  )1.________ mainly cause air pollution according to the passage.
A. Subways              B. Sharing bikes          
C.Electric vehicles          D. Fossil fuel cars
(  )2.Over ________ electric vehicles were sold in China last year.
A.150,600              B.167,000              
C.301,200              D.753,000
(  )3.What did Wu Hao think of charging an electric car?
A. It's more expensive than filling up a fossil fuel car with gas.
B. It's less expensive than filling up a fossil fuel car with gas.
C.It's as expensive as filling up a fossil fuel car with gas.
D. It's as cheap as filling up a fossil fuel car with gas.
(  )4.Which country has the world's largest EV charging network now?
A. America.        B. Germany.        C.China.         D. England.
(  )5.What is the passage mainly about?
A. China has taken a leading role in the world's electric vehicle industry.
B. Electric cars will disappear in the future.  
C.There is no problem using electric cars.
D. How to deal with air pollution.


素材一     新課教學方法
(2)圖片導入法:教師展示瑞士的圖片,問學生:What do you know about this country?引導學生根據圖片回答:Switzerland is a beautiful country with high mountains and clean blue lakes.學生邊回答,教師邊將Switzerland寫在黑板上,帶學生一起讀。
(3)創設情境法:通過創設情境,與學生真實交流,幫助學生掌握語言點的用法。以be separated into為例,教師說:“Let's have a competition. You'll be separated into four groups. Let's see which group will win.” 在與學生的交流中,幫助學生體會這些語言點的含義及用法。
  素材二     課堂活動案例
活動一:展示一些圖片,如:交通堵塞、空氣汙染、水汙染等,安排學生兩人一組就“Make a greener world”這個話題進行討論,鼓勵他們在真實的情境下運用新知識。
  素材三     新課導入設計
Kitty's online friend Martina is a middle school student in Switzerland. She's writing in her blog on World Environment Day. Let's read her article to find out more information.
Ⅰ.1.produces 2.limited 3.plastic
4.will be punished 5.resources
Ⅱ.1.difference(s) 2.pollution 
3.organization 4.wisely 5.to protect 6.be allowed 7.to keep 8.not to make
Ⅲ.1.depend on 
2.have be sold out 
3.all over the country 
4.separate; into 
5.be used up 6.Luckily 
7.be fined 
8.cut down
9.will be set up/is going to be set up
10.to do with
Ⅳ.1.with high mountains and blue lakes
2.will be organized to
3.was fined; did something wrong
4.be separated into; are sold
5.to make a difference
Ⅴ.1.C 考查固定句型。句意:一些學生打算去大連過暑假,一些(學生打算)去青島,還有一些決定飛往加拿大。“Some…, some…, and others…”意為“一些……,一些……,還有一些……”。故選C。
2.C 考查介詞詞義辨析。句意:習近平主席說世界上的人們應該建立一個擁有共享未來的社區。with意為“擁有,含有”。故選C。
3. C 考查被動語態。句意:如果你滿18歲,在我們國家你會被允許駕車的。本句的主語you是動作allow的承受者,因此用被動語態。故選C。
4.C 考查動詞短語辨析。句意:這些新型能源成本很低,而且將永遠用不完。look out意為“小心,留意”;come out意為“出來,出版,發芽”;run out意為“用完”;stay out意為“留在戶外,不在家”。故選C。
5.B 句意:“真的是亂七八糟!共享單車被扔的到處都是。”“讓我們整理它們,把它們放到正確的位置________我們可以很便利地使用它們。”unless意為“除非”;so that意為“目的是,為了”;because意為“因為”;so long as意為“隻要”。故選B。
Ⅵ.【主旨大意】 本文是一篇說明文,主要說明了電動汽車在中國的廣泛應用以及能源應用和環保問題。
1.D 細節理解題。由第一段最後一句“…fossil fuel(化石燃料) cars mainly cause air pollution.”可知,主要是化石燃料的汽車引起了空氣汙染。故選D。
2.C 推理計算題。由第三段第一句“Last year, over 40 per cent of the 753,000 EVs sold in the world were sold in China…”可知,753,000×40%=301,200。故選C。
3.B 4.C 
5. A 主旨大意題。由文章最後一句“China has taken a leading role in the world's electric vehicle industry.”以及文章大意可知,中國處於世界電動汽車工業的領導地位。故選A。

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